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The Children

St Luke’s preschool recognises the importance of early childhood education and excellent care. Each child is unique and is a creation of God. We believe that each child has a right to education and to excellent quality care regardless of difference. St Luke’s offers an excellent social environment that supports and cares for every individual child’s interests, strengths and stages.



God instigated the family as the central unit primarily responsible for nurturing and teaching of children. We recognise the family is the most influential part of each child’s life.



We believe communication and participation is the key to an effective program and a two way process from school to home. Partnerships with families are based on trust and respect.

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Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is important at St Luke’s Preschool and is reflected in the way we integrate each child's uniqueness into a program that embraces children as capable, competent learners so resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence can be fostered.


Community Participation

We contribute actively to our local community, as we believe it is the benefit from being mutually dependent. Our service is a link to the broader community as we provide connections to support and care to local practitioners, facilities and services that enhance and support the family unit.

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Our service acknowledges the partnership between children, families, community, and work colleagues are paramount for each child’s individual growth and learning.


We believe it is vital to align with national standards for curriculum design and work within the guidelines provided. Further, we believe the best practices are experienced when local teachers, parents, community members and the children themselves shape the curriculum within the National framework.

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Through a stimulating ‘play’ centred curriculum we seek to encourage exploration, investigation and a desire for a life of learning. Children’s play is a meaningful expression of self and engagement with others.

Learning Environment

Our natural learning environment encourages participation at all levels and stages of every child’s development as they master new skills whilst being supported. These principles and practices are highlighted as important areas of a child’s learning in the Early Years.

Professionalism - staff

We believe it is vital that educators are appropriately trained. We aim to exceed the minimal requirements of national regulations, with all staff holding current training in Early Childhood Education. The educators role supports, scaffolds and nurtures children to reach their full potential in all areas of development, while offering stimulating, fun intentional teaching opportunities to build each child’s confidence and the whole child’s development.

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