Specialised Music Program!


Specialised Music Program – Within seven weeks of starting the program the children involved have started to develop quite strong skills and knowledge using Solfege hand signs. Not only are the children becoming more confident learners in actioning the hand signals from this they are also beginning to know the C major scale by accurately putting the sign cards in note order. This is advantageous for problem solving, memory and patience but also musically commences their journey on pitching notes and learning to read musical notation. Next we will progress in the discipline of learning and recognising songs by sequence and listening.


Furthermore, the children are building on orchestral instrument knowledge and recognition. We have gone through the sound each instruments makes, how the instrument can be played and the fundamental families in the orchestra in which the instruments belong to, these being; string, brass, woodwind and percussion. We have learnt how these families make up an orchestra and what the conductor does.

As we continue lessons this term the children will start to learn new body coordination songs to develop rhythm and physical movement this will advance the musical essentials such as high and low pitch, fast and slow tempo which also enhances children’s abstract reasoning skills, the skills necessary for learning math and science”. All this in a fun way that encompasses our curriculum and outcomes resourcefully.

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