Gardening at St Luke's!


At St Luke’s Preschool we have an extensive garden program. The children enjoy a variety of activities throughout their day, including planting vegetables, herbs and flowering seeds and seedlings, picking and eating our product, recycling, as well utilising our two water tanks to water the many shrubs throughout our outdoor environment. The children also look after our worm farm and compost bins and are able to use the worm juice in our garden as well as help spread the compost on our banana trees or vegetable gardens. We are also very fortunate to have a native, stingless bee hive for the children to learn more about nature as they watch the bees go about their work or just sit and have a closer look at them as they walk across their hands.

St Luke’s Preschool garden program allows the children to explore the natural environment and learn more about the insects and animals they might come across. They learn about the different species of plants, the seasons and the weather. Gardening engages the senses as well as helps to develop hand-eye coordination, physical strength and important motor skills that help to prepare them for skills such as writing and cutting. Gardening also teaches the children patience, social skills and encourages healthy eating.

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